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Shift In Judgements

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

In the current days environment change became a huge issue or problem in the country. Many institutions are striving hard to bring back the fresh climate. some of the measures taken are using electric vehicles instead of fuel vehicles, using solar energy, shifting towards BS -VI engines instead of BS-IV, and so on. But still many capital cities like Bangalore, Delhi are suffering due to heavy pollution and many non-profit organisations are initiating measures to curb this issue. As a part of judiciary in 2018 the then chief justice of India, T.S Takurin his judgement in the case of 'Arjun Gopal v. Union of India, AIR 2016 SC 807' held that on the festival days the crackers should be burst only from 8pm to 10 pm. Recently in the month of August,2019 the Delhi High Court has directed a man to plant 50 trees as a community service while agreeing to close criminal proceedings. And court said that trees shall be planted within a month and asked him to report to the Deputy Conservator of the Forest(West), who shall be assign him the duty to plant 50 trees in central Ridge Reserve Forest, Budha Jayanti Park, Vandemataram marg in New Delhi.

In this case the man claimed that he had given the shop on rent on the account of non-payment of rent the services to the tenant that is electricity supply got disconnected, due to which the tenant directly connected the main wire to the electric pole and enjoying free electricity without the consent of the owner. proceedings against the tenant were initiated in which he was convicted and had to pay the liability.

The court reversed the judgement of the trail court and Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva held that 'the trees shall be indigenous variety with a nursery age of three and half years and a height of at least 6 feet had to be planted . And he had to submit a photograph with the grown trees with in a month. It is a duty to deputy conservator of forest to look after the plantation.Thus the courts are taking steps towards the protection of the environment by providing community service as the punishment to the criminals.