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Redefining Feminism

Feminism means giving equal opportunities to male and female without compromising cardinal tenets of humanism. But it has now become a trend to call anything and everything as being an essence of feminism. The term pseudo feminists is often used for those that claims to be feminists yet ignores the main point of it, equality. In ancient times women have been treated like an object and a source of allurement exploiting her ad infinitum and abusing her for every trivial things which she has not even done. The present scenario is quite different having lots of provisions for safeguarding the rights of women. 

The unconstitutionality of talaq-e-biddat has set a milestone in empowering those women who are threatened by their husbands. The Supreme Court in August 2018 declared 'triple talaq' a form of divorce practiced by Muslims in India allowing a man to end the marriage by uttering the word 'talaq' thrice in written, oral or electronic mediums unconstitutional. The biggest bone of contention was the provisions in the Bill for making instant divorce a criminal offence among Muslim men. Similarly there are other penal provisions to deal with the cases of harassment, molestation and rape. 

Marital Rape has become one of the most debatable issues which has brought many different viewpoints to flourish and grow. 

Activists and Indian media endorse the opinion that India's patriarchal society makes it necessary and imperative that marital rape should be criminalized.  On the other hand, a more orthodox view remains that marital rape cannot be criminalized because of the sacred nature of marriage in Hinduism and how criminalizing marital rape would destabilize the institution of marriage. 

Marriage is viewed as a sacrament in Hinduism with the wife being viewed as under the possession of the husband. 

This has been used as a defence by the legislature against the criminalisation of Marital Rape. Due to the archaic rule that marital rape is not easily recognized as an offence it is assumed by the law that marriage refers to the wife giving consent to all the matrimonial obligation including sexual intercourse. Even though India as a nation is based on the theory of equity, it still has not recognized the right a woman has in controlling marital intercourse as a component of equality. 

Countries like the UK, US and others have criminalized marital rape. This is a testament to the fact that India is holding onto an archaic and regressive law. It is a crime against humanity. There are many other provisions where a woman gets the right to raise their voice against exploitation. 

Some pseudo feminists are totally degrading the interpretation of empowerment. If a lady is empowered than there is no need of playing a victim card just for the sake of furthering their own selfish interest. Some women are misusing the rights given to them in order to satisfy their ego. 

We all are human first and then a male or female. We all have failed as a human to recognize the spirit of righteousness, equality and justice because our concern is only confined to raising the fake flags of feminism and upsetting the whole course of humanity.