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  • Priyanka Bal

Parliament approves bill providing death penalty for sexual assault against children

Government approves changes in POCSO Act, includes death penalty for sexual offences against children.

To strive against the rising cases of Sexual offences against children, bill was passed to strengthen POSCO Act by including Death penalty against for aggravated sexual assault on children’s and by providing stringent punishments for other crimes against minors. The Government approved the amendments which includes imprisonment to curb child pornography and death penalty for sexual offences on children. Survey found out that cases of sexual harassment against children have risen by 500 percent, being the growing trend in the society towards such heinous crimes.

The modifications in the law will focuses on the need of tough measures against the rising trend of child sex abuse spreading in our whole country. Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani said “ it aims at legal protection to 39 per cent of population or 43 crore children, irrespective of whether they are a girl or boy.” Beside this she also added that the Bill defines child pornography so that sexual predators indulging in such heinous crimes could be punished. Being a matter of grave concern for the society a National Database was created and 6.2 Lakh Sexual offences Cases were registered.

Laws amended on stringent punishments which includes death penalty for committing sexual assaults and penetrative sexual assault crimes on a child. The amendments also proposed to protect children from sexual assaults in time of natural calamities and other similar situations . It also amended to address the threat to child pornography. It was found that more than 5,000 people followed the child pornography sites. It was proposed to levy fine if the pornographic materials involving a child with an intention to share or transmit it were not destroyed.

The changes are expected to discourage the trend of child sexual abuse by acting as a deterrent due to strong penal provisions incorporated in the Act, as per the government.It intends to protect the interest of vulnerable children in times of distress and ensures their safety and dignity. The amendment is aimed to establish clarity regarding the aspects of child abuse and punishment thereof.