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Log Kya Kahengey? Children Battling Mental Health Issues!

We as Indians in this society have grown up with certain rules and regulations and which tops it all on the chart, is don't do this, because it's been coming from the generations that what would they say 'Log Kya Kahengey'?

In Indian society handling such fragile issues is endless and things could offend people. For women it starts at a very young age from periods, being friends with a person of the opposite sex, coming home after sunset, homosexuality and most of all, mental health disorders.

Parents are so busy schooling their children about getting the top spot in the school. This generation parents are only bothered about academics, participate in extra curricular activities and attend their regular music or dance classes after school routine that they forget about the importance of being in touch with their emotions.

In 2016, The Compulsory Mental Healthcare Counselling Facilities in Government Schools Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha by Kirit Solanki of the BJP in Gujarat, this Bill aims to provide mental health support to children, especially in village areas. Solanki’s identifies early childhood trauma like domestic violence or sexual abuse as the focal point, and recommends that government schools provide a space for children to open up, heal, shed the stigma, and receive the care they need.

Currently, the state of mental healthcare in India is, pardon my French, completely whack. Not only do most people efface disorders with ineffective advice like “snap out of it”, but many will first approach faith healers instead of professionals. Both of these approaches deny a person proper care.

12.5% of children aged 16 and under suffer from a mental health difficulty. It should be top priority to address this before they hit adulthood. No one should have to carry these issues their whole life.

The socioeconomic factors played a huge role in deciding whether children got treatment for their mental health disorder or not.


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