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  • Soumya Mani

Is Population Control related to religion ?

Population , a major issue not only in India but across the globe and each day it is increasing at a faster rate. Many countries have found ways to check this problem but India, as of now, has not come-up with any solid solution to combat this problem. India has grappled with unprecedented population growth rates since the turn of the century.

Talking about India, it is an issue which ,from times back, in a way or the other is always linked to religion. Does population and its control has anything to do with the religion? The reaction and responses of our intellectuals on the recent notification of Assam Government is the latest example of the level of hypocrisy in our country.

The Government of Assam has taken a big step towards population control. The bogey of population control appears to have reared its head once again with the Assam government’s recent decision to implement a two-child policy law, first passed in 2017. Under the law, no persons who have more than two children in the state will be eligible for government employment, from January 2021 onwards. The two-child norm was already implemented in the state for Panchayati Raj and Municipal body elections, and now the same has been extended to state government jobs.

Under this new policy, this condition will not only be kept in mind while giving a government job to anyone, but by the end of the job, everyone has to keep in mind that according to this policy, their number of children should not exceed two. If the number of children is more than two, that person can also be fired from a government job. It is a step which should be welcomed by every individual irrespective of religion because at least someone took a step in order to fight with the problem.

In my views, population is an issue which has nothing to do with the religion. The whole world is facing this problem but instead of fighting with each other over the issue on the ground of religion, they are coming together with firm plans to counter it and that is why, there are many countries , and the biggest example is our neighbour and the biggest competitor China , who are successful in reducing their population growth rate. So, in my opinion, at least on sensitive issues like this instead of standing against the government , we should stand with the government and follow the guidelines which are made because we all know that the resources are limited and exhaustible and it is upto us how we consume them. And also, if we talk about employment, the government ,too, cannot generate too many employment opportunities at once. Ironically, knowing everything people many-a-times stand against government only on the name of religion and some of our politicians and some intellectuals grab it as an opportunity to mislead people, delude them and utilize it for their personal inapt purposes. People need to recognize them and approve or disapprove any such plan as per their understanding and prudence.