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Hate Speech On Social Media: Aishwarya Priyadarshini

We are in such an era where people talk more over the internet than face-to-face. Social media has served as a platform for various purposes from connecting to people, sharing information to hate speech on emerging issues.

Basically, looking into the concept of hate speech, It does not have a literal definition or so. This is a kind of speech that takes place online through internet in social platforms with a purpose of targeting a person or group on the basis of his caste,religion,ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender or disability and even political views. So,when we go deep into the concept of hate speech, we can see that, this is the result of conflict and intersection of ideas that different group of people carry in their minds.

Coming over to the recent issues faced by many communities through posts,violent memes, comments etc. on the targeted group of society is mostly on the basis of body color, gender, body size, LGBTQ community etc.

The Law of our country under Article 19 of the Constitution of India gives us the freedom of speech, hence HATE speech are never illegal. A thing which is not illegal does not mean that it is acceptable on all grounds. Such hate speech puts a bad influence on society where children are the prime users of the social media platforms. This creates a bad impact on the mentality of people and such things promote disparity in the society.

Free speech and hate speech are two different concepts. Freedom is given to people,that doesn’t mean that power of freedom should be misused. The concept of hate speech is particularly made for certain group that creates disturbances in the mind of people and hatred for the wrong doer.

If we look into the issue in a worldwide perspective, we can know that the issues of hate speech over social media have been reported on nearly every continent. And as the world communicates mostly through Facebook, nearly one-third of the world population are active users in Facebook. So,the velocity of spreading the hate speech is fast.

As every coin has two sides,likewise, social media can be used for spreading good vibes and information. The main purpose of the platform is to make people aware and bind them together.Hence, online hate speech has created a lot of bad influence on the people from different communities. So, necessary steps need to be taken to resolve the dispute and dilute the aggression that people are bearing in their heads.

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have developed their tools for taking action against any kind of harassment and hate speeches.

Hence, it’s fairly easy to report hate speech on major social media platforms, but it’s quite difficult to get the platforms to take action against purported hate speech.

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