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Eve Teasing -A Havoc in India-by Vaishali Malhotra

I.Introduction Eve teasing is such a problem that women all over the world , especially in India is facing on daily basis. However, many women are unaware of the laws and regulations that are mention under various promulgations giving the protection against such sort of acts. If we are talking about India, the crimes against women are increasing day by day and the problem of eve teasing is very common, the minute woman exit for home and moves in society, there are end number of spectators who perform eve-teasing and make women uncomfortable. In the present article we are discussing about the scope of the law available in our Indian legislations regarding eve teasing along with its redressal mechanism. II.No uniformity of law Frankly speaking there is no uniform law present in our country to come eve-teasing effectively that is performed within the precinct of educational institutions, places of worship, bus stands, metro-stations, railway stations, cinema theatres, parks, beaches, places of festival, public service vehicles or any other similar place. Each and every citizen of our country has right to live with dignity and honour which is provided under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The happening of eve teasing is a violation of rights guaranteed under Constitution of India.Eve-teasing occurs in public places which can be effectively curbed, with a little effort. Every citizen in this country has right to live with dignity and honour which is a fundamental right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. Eve teasing is a violation of Articles 14, 15 as well. But as there is no uniformity of law and the absence of particular legislation providing the provisions for eve teasing led to the non stoppage of problems relating to eve teasing. Generally ,the complaints registered related to eve teasing are actionable under Section 294 or Section 509 IPC. “Nature Has Given Women So Much Power That The Law Has Given Them Very Little”. - Dr. Samuel Johnson. III.What is Eve-Teasing? In simple language eve-teasing is often referred to as sexual harassment of women in public places such as streets, public transportation , parks, beaches , and cinema halls. This type of sexual harassment sometimes includes such as verbal assaults such as making passes or unwelcome sexual jokes : nonverbal assaults such as showing obscene gestures , winking , whistling , and staring ; and physical assaults such as pinching, fondling and rubbing against women in public places .In addition to it, the happenings of Eve teasing have been followed by more violent offences such as rape and murder. IV.Eve Teasing In India - Some Facts And Figures The real current situation of Indian women is not hidden from the world. Each and every kind of violence has been committed against women in India. Eve teasing nowadays a bigger issue that to be noticed by the India’s law making authority as the number of registered cases of sexual crimes against women including eve-teasing increases from 67 ,072 in 1988 to 84000 in 1993 V.Psychology Behind Eve Teasing According to many eminent psychologists, eve teasing is a result of the frustration suffered by a majority of youth existing in our country. Sometimes eve-teasing considered to be as their birthright which is followed by the proud of being a man. So we can easily say that eve-teasing is very close to the issue of one's masculinity agenda VI. Redressal of Eve- Teasing Below mentioned are some of the provisions given under Criminal Procedure Code that one must keep in mind that will help in of the cases related to the eve teasing: Section 294: This section gives protection to a girl from men who annoy her by committing any act of obscenity in public. This section also gives protection to women from men who pass cheap comments or sing obscene songs to bother her. This offence is a bailable one, but the punishment is for a maximum period of three months. Section 509: This section applies if a man utters any word with the intention of insulting a woman’s modesty. It also applies to any sound or gesture, or any object used to intrude upon the privacy of the woman. Under this section, the accused will punished with imprisonment for a period extendable up to three years. VII.Conclusion The problem of eve teasing should be controlled as soon as possible. According to my view , if teasing should be treated as an independent offence and not mingle with other sections of sexual harassment with women. To prevent the happenings of eve teasing most stringent laws should be made against eve teasing, not only there is a need to promulgate these provisions but also proper implementation of these provisions should be there for eradication of the problems of eve teasing. The concept of Eve teasing is highlighted day by day but there is no proper resolutions comes off for the eradication of the problems of eve teasing . Eve-teasing may sound harmless crime but have many consequences associated with it such as mental trauma to women followed by rape and murder of the victim

-by “ Vaishali Malhotra”, B.ALL.B(2015-2020),Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra